Attractions in Duluth

Take a stroll along Canal Park located along Lake Superior and take in the splendor of the boardwalk as the ships roll into the harbor, from foreign ships to freighters. This quaint, inviting little town is bustling with great restaurants and coffee shops along with wonderful shopping for an experience in true relaxation and fun. Indulge in great food and take a stroll to the lighthouse and the free museum. Rent a bike to see all the sights at your own pace and soak up the stunning and serene scenery.

Go fishing for trout, walleye, and salmon with Happy Hooker Charters in the port of Duluth on Lake Superior. Go for the full day or half a day and don't worry about bringing your own poles as all the equipment is there for you to use. You'll cruise right under the Aerial Lift Bridge and head to Gitchi Gumi for the best fishing experience while enjoying the surrounding beauty of the North Shore. Listen to some fun fishing songs as you bring in your catch where successful fishing is the only option. You can even get a chance to help set the lines and even steer the boat.

For those who love bird watching, especially birds of prey, a visit to the Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve is the place to go in Duluth. As many as 82,000 raptors migrate here during fall and include more than twenty different species. These include the red-tailed hawk, turkey vulture, great horned owl, peregrine falcon, golden eagle, and bald eagle. These magnificent birds often gather on the bluffs overlooking the eastern part of Duluth. The overlook of Hawk Ridge is perfect for observing them as they fly low and gracefully along the shores edge.

Take a drive along the North Shore for stunning scenery throughout the seasons. Fall is a time to experience the brilliant colors of emerging foliage. Watch the waves break along the shore on a windy or stormy day. Stay alert for deer and other wildlife along a number of hiking trails. Spend a casual day on the trails then stop in at one of the cozy restaurants with mouth-watering food that belie their modest appearances. Browse the gift shops and take home some souvenirs made by local craftsmen. If you enjoy camping, there are plenty of spots to choose from with great views of the lake, streams, and waterfalls.